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  • 7 Pillars Marketing Exercise

    Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. The information you provide will give Trevor a full understanding of your current audience, offer and promotion strategy. He'll use this information to help you implement the RPM FRAMEWORK into your business. If you have any questions, email Trevor at [email protected]
  • Pains *

  • What are the Pains your ideal client experiences? The symptoms of the problem, not the root cause itself. It’s what your prospect feels the most though. E.G. a business owner with a marketing problem might feel the pains of instability, financial difficulty, stress, overwhelm, exhaustion, uncertainty, etc...
  • Problem *

  • What is the actual root cause of what is causing your prospects’ Pain. For instance, if you are a business coach working with entrepreneurs to help them land more clients, the Problem that they are trying to solve is not having enough qualified leads and a proven sales process to convert prospects into clients.
  • Process *

  • What is the Process you utilize to deliver a solution / results for your client’s Problem. This is YOUR step-by-step Uniquely Strategic Process that is purely your own. It’s the HOW behind what you do. For instance, our Expert Selling program and our SOLO Method are the process we utilize to help you solve your sales & marketing problems.
  • Produces *

  • What is the outcome or results that your process produces. This is the desired end result for your prospect to fully resolve their problem. Show proof. For example, we support our clients to create a repeatable, predictable and measurable client acquisition system. And we have numerous client testimonials that prove that our system works:
  • Product *

  • Now that you have addressed the first 4Ps, when you describe your Product, consider your answers to Pains, Problems, Process and the results it Produces so it becomes RELEVANT to your prospect because you are framing it in the right context. Briefly describe your product here.
  • Pricing *

  • The perception of value vs Price is extremely subjective. Often times, price objections arise because a prospect doesn’t have the right information at hand to weigh the cost vs opportunity of what you provide. When framed right using the 5Ps listed above, your Pricing will allow your prospect to fully see how the opportunity you provide outweighs the cost.
  • Promotion *

  • How do you currently promote your business? What is working and what is not working? Please list all the ways you currently Promote your offering including Linkedin prospecting, networking, social media, advertising, cold calling, podcasting, partnerships, text message, voicemail, video, etc
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