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Watch this video to learn what I told our clients the day after Thanksgiving 2020

The New LinkedIn Algorithm + This Content Strategy = More Clients In 2021

0:00:00:00 – Welcome To The Training!
0:08:43:40 – How To Document Your “Evergreen” Content
0:03:51:12 – The LinkedIn Algorithm – Explained
0:13:55:03 – Why You Should Republish Your Existing Content
0:05:42:46 – How It Impacts Your Content Strategy
0:18:40:05 – Why You Should Repurpose Your Content On Other Platforms
0:07:31:16 – The Expert Content Strategy
0:20:57:23 – Where To Start In Building Your Content Strategy
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About Trevor Turnbull…

As a Fractional Chief Growth Officer, Trevor Turnbull serves awe.some leaders (and their teams) to drive scalable growth. Trevor’s diverse experience in marketing, sales, operations & product development shortens the client buyer’s journey, accelerates the sales cycle, reduces acquisition costs and increases lifetime value. He’s in the trenches every day testing and innovating to ensure he is providing relevant and timely solutions to drive revenue for clients.

He has empowered over 26,000 people with his online “client acquisition” training, coaching & mentoring and has shared his personal story and methods in numerous media publications including Forbes, Entrepreneur, Time Money & Business Insider.

Trevor lives in Kelowna, BC, Canada with his wife (Sharmila) and 2 boys (Logan – 4 & Bodhi – 3). When he’s not “growth hacking”, he can be found teaching his kids to stand on a paddleboard in the local lakes to prepare them for surfing the waves of Costa Rica’s pacific coast (their future family home).